Is South Africa safe?

I've been asked this question more times than I can count. "Is South Africa safe?"

South Africa does not have a good reputation when it comes to crime stats. Truth is that South Africa is as safe as any other country and a lot safer than some, i.e. Brazil and Mexico. One just needs to take precautions like one would take elsewhere in the world

In fact, I don’t think that any country has improved so much in such a short time as South Africa has. South Africa is now one of the emerging economic powers of the world, and race relations In 2011, 300,000 Americans visited South Africa.

In my opinion, Cape Town is the safest of all South African cities. Therefore the lifestyle is very free with many street cafes and great outdoor activities. The V & A Waterfront is popular destination in #CapeTown. One can find everything in one place and the security is really tight.

Johannesburg is another kettle of fish - I know from personal experience. Carjacking is a serious problem in Johannesburg. Carjacking hotspots have signs alerting drivers. The type of crime is much more violent compared to other cities.

I never stop at red lights when driving at night in Johannesburg. I'm actually more wary of the police than the lurking criminals. They are often corrupt and try and intimidate one into paying bribes - there are also many fake police units about. I just don't go out at night on my own in Johannesburg.

I still feel safe to walk around certain neighbourhoods in Cape Town - especially in the Gardens and Green Point areas.

All things aside, traveling in South Africa on your own can be very safe, Like in any big city, don’t put yourself in isolated spots. If you’re traveling solo, stick to places where there are lots of people.

Safety Tips for Travel in South Africa

  • Stay at places with security. 
  • Learn about the local dangers in every destination you visit. Take the time to talk to your hotel or guesthouse staff when you arrive and find out about what actions and places to avoid.
  • Don’t put yourself in isolated situations. 
  • Don’t drive in cities at night. Take taxis. 
  • If you go on safari, listen to your guide. Don’t ever get out of your vehicle unless you have explicit permission to do so. Don’t stand up, either.

    So is South Africa safe? It’s as safe as you make it. Take time to familiarize yourself with the precautions and you’ll have an amazing time.

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