I decided to travel up the West Coast as it's flower season and there are normally carpets of flowers in bloom. I was not disappointed.

A "Kuifkopvisvanger" is a Malachite Kingfisher - this gem of peace and tranquility is situated on the bank of the Berg River.

I booked myself in this past weekend as I needed to get away from the Cape Town city buzz. Well, I couldn't have chosen a more perfect spot. I did not see people all weekend. From my stoep there was no sight of man, building. No sound of voices, cars, music - just various birds, frogs and the odd moooo.

On my first day, I took a walk along the river's edge to a large lagoon. I was surrounded by carpets of spring flowers.

The cottage I was allocated was far away from the main farm buildings, at the end of a dirt road. It felt as if I was alone on a desert island. Very basic and rustic - a real get-away. It had 2 bedrooms with twin beds (both en suite); a small living area with fireplace/barbeque. On the stoep was a built in braai, which I used that evening.

There are no street lights; or lights at all besides those in the cottages, so it is really pitch dark at night. The sky provides a ceiling of stars which seem so close, it feels as though one could just reach up and pluck them from the heavens. From the dark depths I saw 2 reflecting, chinky shapes objects - I was being watch by something - I was hoping it was a cat. Turns out it was a feral cat, which I coaxed closer by throwing food out. She got as close as one metre (which took hours) and then we reached a stalemate.

The only other visitor I had was a Jack Russell - Yes! The farm is pet friendly.

The owners (Melani and Jan) had told me not to buy wood as they had plenty dry wood in the shed. Their daughter also arrived later with a new braai grid for "Aunty". Lovely, hospitable, humble folk. 
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